Rs. 500 Crore Stimulus Package is a Ray of Hope for Beekeepers

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The Government of India has announced a Rs. 20 lakh crore stimulus package to support the Indian economy in the fight against COVID-19. An amount of Rs. 500 crore under the third tranche of the economic package has been earmarked to help the beekeeping industry combat the current crisis.

The scheme is being implemented to drive infrastructure development for Indian beekeepers and promote capacity building with a thrust on women in the industry. The scheme will focus on improving the integrated beekeeping development centers, storage centers, collection marketing, value-addition and post-harvest facilities to name a few.

The package also aims to implement standards and building a traceability system along with developing quality nucleus stock and bee breeders. The initiative is expected to increase the income of over 2 lakh beekeepers and make good quality honey available to end customers across India.

The stimulus package by the Indian government comes at a critical time as the beekeeping industry is dealing with the consequences of lockdown. Beekeepers who have experienced a drop in their yields due to the COVID-19 outbreak are pinning their hopes on the package to help them stabilize their business and boost honey export from India.

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