Apiary Honey

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An apiary, alternatively known as a bee yard, is the location where artificial beehives are installed for apiculture. Professional beekeepers take care of their respective apiaries and procure honey and other by-products from them. Apiary honey or farm honey collected from these beehives can either be of the uniflora or multiflora variety, depending on the location of the apiary.

Apis mellifera, Apis cerana indica and stingless bees are majorly kept by beekeepers in apiaries. These bees prefer to have their hives in enclosed spaces. Apiaries are usually located near a water source, but on high ground to avoid moisture collection. Close proximity to orchards, gardens, farms or forests ensure nectar supplies in abundance and a lot of sunlight is also a must for bees to thrive.

BeeHively ensures that the apiaries and beekeepers associated with it follow ethical means of procuring honey. We provide trainings and cutting-edge equipment to beekeepers to help them harvest honey sustainably. Along with providing high-quality multiflora and various uniflora varieties of honey, our apiaries also help increase the bee population, which in turn increases pollination in areas where the beehives are located. Our streamlined processes in beekeeping, honey extraction, and professional logistics, makes us the leads of honey exports in India