Beekeeping Turnkey Project

End-to-end Beekeeping Solution

About Beekeeping Turnkey Project


As part of our Turnkey solutions, we offer the entire setup required for honey extraction along with enterprise-grade training to budding beekeepers to help them initiate their business. The solution includes equipment and necessary tools to get them started, beekeeping training to help their businesses flourish and buyback agreements for assured market access for their products.

BeeHively has its own beekeeping boxes and market-leading tools and equipment that are provided to beekeepers interested in expanding their businesses. Our equipment are designed to ensure best-quality honey and bee by-products. We adopt sustainable practices and methods for honey extraction that gives us an edge over our competitors and encourage beekeepers associated with us to only implement ethical beekeeping methods.Floral charts for migration are also available for beekeepers to help them plan the different aspects of beekeeping.

Beekeepers in rural or remote areas may not always have access to the right market or get the right prices for their products. We help them get the right value for their honey and by-products by signing agreements for buyback assurances. We cater to the needs of wholesale organic honey for businesses around the globe and ensure that our beekeepers’ network get the optimal value for all their skill and hardwork.