Honey Storage Facilities

Complete Adherence to Food Safety Procedures

We take utmost care in setting up our honey storage facilities to avoid contamination of our premium raw honey and Bee Byproducts.Our hi-tech warehouses as well as cold storage facilities are best in the industry and ensure the least human contact with the products. Our packaging facilities and the team involved in the task also adhere to all the standards required to deliver the best quality products to our customers.

honey storage facilities

Many countries follow the food safety initiative of farm to table, requiring everybody involved in food supply to follow the food safety procedures. We have one of India’s best honey storage facilities
and hi-tech warehouses with the capacity of storing 1000 MT of raw honey and bee by-products. Our warehouses boast a hygiene system which keeps contamination at bay. We maintain high-standards for hygiene to ensure our products always taste the way that they should.

honey bee products
Cold Storage

Temperature plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of honey and other bee by-products. Frequent temperature changes or overheating harm the biologically active substances present in honey and bee by-products. In cold storage, we control the temperature to create an environment conducive to raw honey and its by-products for preserving their nutritional value.

beekeeping supplies

BeeHively takes special care in using only the high-standard packaging materials for raw honey and bee by-products. We use 300kg food-grade epoxy coated air tight MS drums for honey to avoid contaminating it. Hygiene is given prime importance at BeeHively and we keep human interference to a maintaining the quality of our products.