Quality Assurance

State-of-the-Art Facilities for Maintaining Quality

At BeeHively, we pledge to deliver only the best quality raw honey and bee by-products exclusively sourced by the beekeepers associated with us. Besides ensuring that all our products are harvested using only sustainable and ethical means, we maintain the best honey storage facilities and complete hygiene at all levels. We have also collaborated with labs all over the world to test our products for quality and adhere to all regulations in terms of the quality of our honey and bee by-products. Beehively takes utmost care in all dimensions of beekeeping, honey extraction, preservation, and honey storage facilities to fulfill almost 100% quality parameters and providepure


Our Laboratory


BeeHively is associated with the world’s best lab facilities for testing honey and bee by-products. Product testing reports obtained in our collaborated labs give accurate values based on the quality standards of honey and its bee by-products. These labs featuring hi-tech equipment to deliver reports in a short duration, are located across the world.