Wild Honey

Unadulterated Raw Forest Honey

BeeHively Group is actively training tribal beekeepers for harvesting honey from natural hives in forests. India, Bhutan & Nepal have a vast forest land mass, which is easily accessible to the tribal communities living in these forests. These communities harvest wild honey thrice a year, which is completely free from pollution, pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals. This honey is available in the multiflora variety.

This type of honey is usually produced by Apis florea and Apis dorsata, wild honey bees that prefer to have their hives in open or exposed areas. They tend to have aggressive defense strategies and vicious behavior to tackle disturbances. These bee species are usually used for the process of honey hunting to procure wild honey and beeswax produced by them. A typical colony of Apis dorsata can produce 50-80 kilograms of honey per year, on an average.

BeeHively offers trainings and equipment for harvesting honey from the wild beehives without hurting or killing the bees. We are dedicated towards conserving bees and only liaise with professional beekeepers who can procure wild honey using ethical and sustainable methods. Your search for organic bulk honey provider ends here. Beehively easily surpasses quality standards with all the honey offerings while ensuring safe and secure delivery.