BeeHively CEO Parth Tripathi to be the Guest Speaker at Agriculture Information

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India, November 20, 2020: BeeHively Group is proud to announce that its Priyanka Brahmbhatt, has been invited to speak by Agriculture Information, one of the most respected independent agriculture media entities of India. The webinar will be held on November 24, 2020, at 11 AM IST.

At the online session titled ‘Creating a Market for Indian Beekeeping Community’, Priyanka will discuss at length the beekeeping market of India and the factors influencing it. she will also outline the contribution of BeeHively Group for the betterment of the beekeepers of the country and the company’s push towards sustainability in the industry.

As the PRESIDENT of BeeHively Group, Priyanka has a clear vision of uplifting the beekeeping community and make sure they get the right value for their honey and bee products. The sustainable beekeeping company works towards delivering raw, unprocessed honey to people around the world and is doing its bit towards conserving the bee populations in various regions of India.

Apart from beekeeping, Priyanka  has ventured into sectors like contract farming, hospitality, housekeeping chemicals, food production, IT, and pharmaceuticals, among others. she has also successfully created a cluster of over 5000 farmers in India by providing buyback solutions and high-tech equipment to them. Parth is also the recipient of the award for the Best Agripreneur by the Government of India for promoting and implementing innovative farming techniques in North India.

About BeeHively

BeeHively Group is a sustainable beekeeping company dedicated to propagating ethical methods of harvesting honey. Our cluster of over 5000 beekeepers procures high-quality raw honey and bee by-products, which are delivered in bulk across the world. We enter into buyback agreements with tribal beekeepers as well as apiculturists to give them access to the markets. BeeHively also offers beekeeping equipment and supplies, along with training and consultation services to help beekeepers expand their business.

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