BeeHively Group Exhibited at Ahmedabad’s Farm Fresh Festival 2021

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Ahmedabad, March 2021– BeeHively Group exhibited its varied flavours of honey at the Farm Fresh Festival that was scheduled from 7th-9th March 2021, 10:30 a.m. onwards. It was held at Riverfront, Ahmedabad. The year 2021 has been declared as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables by the United Nations. The aim is to bring health and nutrition awareness for a diverse, balanced, and healthy lifestyle through the consumption of fruits and vegetables. In addition, necessary steps have to be taken to prevent spoilage of perishable fruits and vegetables. The initiative is aimed at promoting local produce and healthy habits.

BeeHively Group exhibited its 8 varied flavours of honey that included multi flora, sidr, eucalyptus, kashmiri acacia, wild flower, fennel, coriander, and ajwain honey. The group got an opportunity to interact with the community of organic and local produce of the country and show its support towards the local farmers and producers.

BeeHively Group Exhibited at Ahmedabad’s Farm Fresh Festival 2021

BeeHively Group is an organization of beekeepers. It is a wholesale honey supplier offering an end-to-end solution to beekeepers including modern beekeeping equipment and buy back agreements for their products. BeeHively is one of the few honey exporters in India offering sustainably sourced, unpasteurized, and unadulterated raw honey.

About Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Co-operation Department of Gujarat Govt

The Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Co-operation Department of Gujarat Govt. takes care of agriculture and related matters in its charge like horticulture, soil conservation, dairy development, animal husbandry, and formation of policies/schemes in co-operative activities as well as implementation, monitoring and supervision. A separate Horticulture Department has been set up from the Agriculture Department considering the importance of the increasing agriculture area for Horticulture farming and horticultural activities in the state.

Four Agriculture Universities are functional under the Department to carry out education and research related activities in the area of agriculture and related subjects. Head of the Department (HOD), Corporations, Committees and other institutions are working under the administrative control of the department to advise and assist in policy making for departmental activities and in implementation and monitoring of programs.

The key objective of the Agriculture Department is to meet the need of the state and to increase the income of farmers by increasing agricultural production through knowledge transfer of scientific methods of agriculture to the farmers and by implementing various schemes.

About BeeHively Group

BeeHively Group is dedicated towards creating an ecosystem where beekeepers can thrive. It aims to bridge the gap between beekeepers and end customers for delivering natural raw honey all around the world. It is looking to forge long-term relationships with beekeepers and equip them with modern tools and innovative beekeeping supplies for harvesting good-quality honey. BeeHively Group is extensively working on sustainable beekeeping, honey production, and bulk honey supplying. The group’s aim is to work with beekeepers from the entire Asian continent and provide cutting-edge beekeeping tools and equipment, assured buyback yearly contracts and seasonal contracts for honey & other products.

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