5 Wonderous Bee Products to Use in Our Daily Lives

5 Wonderous Bee Products to Use in Our Daily Lives


Bees are pollinators known for the crucial role they play in the world’s economy through our food supply and primarily honey production. Read more about the importance of bees. According to a research, globally, 87 of the leading 115 food crops evaluated are dependent on animal pollinators including bees, contributing 35% of global food production, but the past few decades have witnessed steep fall in several bee colonies. Also, a global decline and a risk of extinction in certain bee populations have been detected due to increased use of pesticides, habitat destruction, and pollution in the environment.

Apart from sweet golden honey and pollination, bees also provide various by-products that have enormous benefits. Currently, as countries across the globe are battling with COVID-19 pandemic, an increase in threat of antibiotic-resistant infections and drug over-use has been witnessed across the world. honeybee products including wholesale honey are the need of the hour, due to  their numerous benefits as a natural, multipurpose healing products. Other bee products include bee pollen, beeswax, beebread, royal jelly, and propolis. We must realize the importance of the bees and ensure that we consume bee products in a way that ensures the sustainability of the bee population.

5 Bee Products & their Uses

A dedicated beekeeper is not concerned with the wholesale honey produced in the summer. He/she would rather build a connection with the nature and gain a deep understanding of her beehive to successfully produce and extract the full array of bee products from the hive. Earlier, bee products including wholesale honey were considered valuable in the natural products industry, but producers and retailers have forgotten just how beneficial they can be in our daily lives due to advancement in medicine. Here is a brief description and uses of bee products.

Obligatory Disclaimer: – It is crucial to consult your regular healthcare provider before adding any kind of supplement to your routine.

1. Bee Pollen

Bee pollen, the male seed of flower is a protein-rich substance that can be extracted from beehives. It contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can be a boon to one’s health (it rarely causes allergic symptoms).  Bee pollen has been traditionally used as an anti-aging food. Recently, it has been recognized as an energy food enhancing vitality and promoting healthy recovery for athletes.

2. Bee Bread

Bee bread is produced by bees in the hive by mixing pollen with nectar and their natural substances. It is filled with essential amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients. Bee bread is consumed by all the worker bees in the hive throughout the year, but beekeepers can extract any excess bee bread. It is consumed to treat insomnia, stress, and high cholesterol.

3. Royal Jelly

All the bees in the hive consume bee bread throughout the year, however, the queen bee is fed with royal jelly by the worker bees. This difference in the diet makes the queen bee stand out from the other members of the hive. Humans can consume royal jelly for its rejuvenating, anti-aging effects, promoting tissue growth and muscle regeneration. It is popular as a dietary supplement for older people. Royal jelly is also known to be effective in improving brain function.

4. Propolis

Propolis is a resin that trees ooze out to heal and prevent diseases. Bees collect this resin or ‘bee glue’ to keep the hive intact. It is also used by bees as an antibiotic, antifungal, and antibacterial to prevent the hive from any viruses, bacteria, and infections. Raw propolis is packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antiviral, and anti-cancer properties. It also facilitates wound healing and modulates the immune system. Humans use propolis as a spray or tincture to inhibit gastrointestinal infections, vaginal infections, candida, avert oral diseases, cure dental wounds, and boost skin health.

5. Beeswax

Worker bees possess wax glands that secrete beeswax that is used to make honeycombs in their hive. It is antimicrobial and protective for people with sensitive skin. To make creams out of beeswax, it can be mixed with olive oil, herbs, or essential oils. It is used in beauty care products, candles, natural wood treatments, and for sealing cracks.

Choosing the Right Bee Products

By now, we know that honeybees transform nature’s gifts into different products for human consumption, thus are true givers of our nature. We must look at our specific needs when considering the consumption or use of one of these products as dietary supplements or natural home remedies.

Sustainable beekeeping practices and responsible consumption are key to ensuring we maintain a healthy planet and quality bee products for generations to come. Beehively Group works side by side with organizations and beekeepers to fulfill our mission to create a new generation of beekeepers with training and long-lasting support.

BeeHively Group is an end-to-end beekeeping organization that supports beekeepers across India, Bhutan, and Nepal to procure organic wholesale honey for markets across the globe. It also offers a range of other bee products and modern equipment vital for beekeepers.

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