5 Key Tips to Import High Quality Honey from India

5 Key Tips to Import High Quality Honey from India

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Healthy eating has become a priority for people across the globe. Trends have shown that people have become more willing to invest in adapting the organic way of living to lead a healthier life. Organic food is naturally available and specifically maintained, handled, and treated. Organic food does not possess chemical ingredients that can damage the body. Further on, studies have shown that organic food is relatively higher in nutrients, giving your body access to what it needs to function at its best.

Due to the negative health impacts of sugar on the body, people have started switching to the natural sweetener- Honey. Apart from working as a natural sweetener honey has been used as a remedy throughout history and has numerous health benefits and medical uses. Most of these health benefits are specific to raw, or unpasteurized, honey. The honey market has witnessed significant changes both in terms of supply and of demand worldwide, which makes the export market more important than ever.

India has been exporting honey since 1991, and by now the country has established itself as a leading source of organic bulk honey exporter in the world market. Currently India exports honey to nearly 62 countries. While importing honey from India, bear in mind the following 5 tips to Procure Best Quality Honeybee Products from India

5 Tips to Procure Best Quality Honeybee Products from India

With abundant flora resources in the country, the organic bulk honey traders get in touch with a large number of bee breeders to collect honey and honeybee products and further sell it in the market. While looking for a reliable honey exporter from India, one must keep in mind the following 5 tips to assure the procurement of best quality bee products.

Tip 1 : Bulk Honey Exporter Should Follow the Generally Accepted Standards

While looking to import honey from India, an importer must make sure that the supplier of honey/ honeybee products diligently follows the internationally generally accepted standards of Codex Alimentarius. These standards are accepted by all the countries trading honey.

Tip 2 : Exporter Should Assure Quality Control and Inspection of Honey

With honey suppliers making same quality promises, it is important to find an exporter of honey that follows assured quality control practices. The exporter must have followed the procedure for approval of establishment intending to process honey for export.

Tip 3 : Exporter Should Have Approval of Veterinarian

While looking for a honey exporter, one must find out if the bulk honey supplier has a veterinarian who supervises honey processing operations. The exporter must have knowledge of sampling techniques, checks system, Executive Instructions, and the regulatory requirements of importing countries.

Tip 4 : Exporter Must Own Important Certifications

Honeybee exporter must have certifications related to bee purchasing, the quality check, packaging of the products, their marketing and exports.  In India, an exporter or a supplier of honeybee products must have FSSAI licence and ISO certifications.

Tip 5 : Exporter Must Match Quality Requirements of the Importing Country

While choosing a honey exporter it is crucial for the purchasing company to make sure that the supplier abides by the quality and the marketing norms of the destination country. This will assure no hindrance in reselling the products in the destination country.

Honey Export Market of India

In India, api culture is practiced mostly by marginal and landless farmers. The practice increases income from agriculture, creates employment opportunities and aids in improving nutritional intake of rural population. India is one of the largest honey producers and exporters countries in the world. India exported 59,536.75 MT of Natural Honey worth USD 88.65 million during the year of 2019-20. Over 50% of the honey production in India gets exported to other countries. India’s major honey export countries include the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh and Canada. The success of the honey exporters largely depends on maintaining the product and marketing related policies.

However, due to lack of market reach and storage facilities, the bee breeders sell their honeybee products to big exporters who then trade it in the international market. Beehively aims is to bridge this gap between beekeepers and end customers for delivering natural raw honey all around the world. With a cluster of more than 5000 beekeepers, BeeHively is one of the few honey exporters in India that offers sustainably sourced, unpasteurized and organic bulk honey. The company delivers honey and Bee by-products like Propolis, Bee Venom, Beeswax, Bee Pollen and Honeycomb to a large category of buyers.

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